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Accommodating individual differences

This paper raises several consequences of not accommodating individual differences, and then offers a possible solution to the problem.

Three days later, target spellings were correctly identified more often, named more quickly, and spelled more accurately than alternate homophonic spellings.

Specifically, the study investigated whether kindergarten intervention could prevent first-grade reading difficulties, or pro-duce an “inoculation ” effect, for some children under certain instructional conditions.

Participants included children at risk for devel-oping reading difficulties who received a 7-month beginning reading intervention in kindergarten.

An extensive research literature has linked individual differences in reading ability to basic phonological processing (speech perception, immediate, short-term and long-term memory for speech-based information) and to phonological awareness (awareness of the segmental nature of speech) (for reviews see Citation Context ..stage of print-to-sound translation) reveals just how poorly the evidence linking reading and phonology is grounded in a tenable model of reading acquisition (see Barron, 1986; Jorm & Share, 1983; =-=Share & Stanovich, 1995-=-).

An alternative to traditional accounts regarding the role of phonology in early reading is the “self-teaching” model proposed by Jorm and Share (Jorm & Share, 1983; Share, 1995; Share & Jorm, 1987)... According to federal regulations, children with reading difficulties are eligi-ble for special education services under the learning disability category if they display reading skills that are significantly lower than their scores on intelligence (IQ) tests.

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SHARE is a shared screen system that offers its users a flexible choice of floor control models to help them mediate their interactions with the shared application.

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