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American woman dating canadian men

They are a candy-coated chocolate treat that is originally from the UK but extremely popular in Canada.

If you’re dating a Canadian, you’re sure to become a serious Smartie fan in the near future.

am 5ft-6in/168cm tall average body type, Brown eyes and Light Brown hair, i like to listen toeasygoing, hard-working little bit social, happy person, like cooking, shopping, traveling, sports, pet, kids and nature, I'm consistency in character, caring, loving accommodating, sharing and hospitality, I likei enjoy fishing camping kayaking i smoke daily and usually a glass or two of wine after dinner that's really about it i've been told i'm not hard to look at but i guess that depends on your glasses lol i still work I am outgoing with a amazing sense of humour. I enjoy working in the fashion industry and also i...Men still hold doors, they still pull out chairs and they still come around to open the car door for a lady.Whether or not you like this sort of behavior, it is alive and well in Canada.Canadians are a friendly, generally happy group of people.They don’t have much to get up in arms about so they rarely do. No one can pull off a flannel quite like a strapping Canadian man.

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