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Backgrounddating com

I've dug a little further to identify which paper was meant and found there were several papers by Korff but none quite stated that the interaction of slow neutrons with N14 in the atmosphere "was the main pathway". I can't access Korff 1940, but I think the right answer would be to use whatever characterization Korff used, or drop the temperature adjective completely, rather than adjust Korff's language to match the modern usage of "thermal" and "slow".

Mike Christie (talk - contribs - library) , 28 November 2017 (UTC) "The radiocarbon dating method is based on the fact that radiocarbon is constantly being created in the atmosphere by the interaction of cosmic rays with atmospheric nitrogen." This could definitely use a reference or a sentence of explanation as it seems that this is saying that cosmic rays transmute nitrogen into carbon, which is rather amazing.

She spends her childhood between Bronx and Washington Heights because of her early struggling.This article is written in British English with Oxford spelling (colour, realize, organization, analyse; note that -ize is used instead of -ise), and some terms that are used in it may be different or absent from other varieties of English.According to the relevant style guide, this should not be changed without broad consensus.This FA-class article is briefly summarized and exhibited in the portal box "Science, culture, and economics" of the Paleontology portal at Portal: Paleontology/Science, culture, and economics articles/21.I don't deny that Carbon-dating could be useful, but I feel that scientists might have made a mistake.

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Should it read, 'The 14C/12C ratio is used instead of 13C/12C because the former is much easier to measure, and the latter can be easily derived.'? 14C is changed by two processes, ageing and fractionation, and 13C by only one. to measure the age, you need to control for any fractionation and you can do that by looking at 13C and then applying the appropriate correction.

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