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Yet, the moment I opened the door and saw my date standing there, I just knew. I had been to one of her performances wearing my newly purchased lime green corduroy jacket.

I try to be the kind of person who looks for inner beauty. I got set up on this date through a friend who was in a local rock band.

Did he really like my sconces or was he trying to show that he had decorating sense? I try to not make snap judgments about people and size them up based on attractiveness.

I think I had just learned what sconces were a year or two before, when I got on the mailing list for Pottery Barn and began poring over the pages, seeking ideas to make my own digs look classy.

Kevin showed up at my door wearing an orange-red leather jacket that looked like something I saw a character from Good Times wearing.

P I dated Connor ball and I also dated Niall horan for a couple of months but he cheated on me with Ellie goulding. I wasn’t excited about my date as there was absolutely zero physical attraction and very little personality attraction either, but once you’re in, you’re in.Phase Two of the date involved going to The Whiskey, a Hollywood club, and seeing some bands perform. We drove the windy roads of Laurel Canyon, or some other roadway that takes you from the San Gabriel Valley into Hollywood.The next time he got a haircut from my rock star friend during her day job, he asked if he could be introduced to the girl in the green jacket he had seen at the show.I said yes to my friend’s request to give Kevin my number, and yes again we he called me to ask me out.

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