Cfgridupdate not updating jp calderon dating

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Otherwise, if the action is to insert a row, generate a SQL INSERT query to insert the Employee's last name and department ID from the grid row into the database.The Insert operation assumes that the DBMS automatically increments the Emp_ID primary key.but First Grid is the cfgrid name parameter passed to the page for the cfgridupdate tag?I use CFMX 7.02 and win XP SP 2 with Fiirefox 1.5.07 Thank you Alessandro (Sorry for my bad english!!!

Since this field is the table's primary key, users should not be able to change it for existing records and the DBMS should generate this field as an automincrement value.

However, now the page with CFUPDATEGRID on it errors out with the following:________________________________________________________Error Diagnostic Information Primary key not found for table eac_manload.

The table you are attempting to UPDATE or DELETE (eac_manload) does not have a primary key (a field or set of fields which uniquely identify each record)._________________________________________________________I know that it is not the case as I was updating the same table before I changed the design of the grid to include CFGRIDROW.

It is particularly convenient because it automatically handles collecting the If there is an array of edit types, then the table needs changing. Loop through the remaining code once for each row to be changed.

Counter is the common index into the arrays of change information for the row being changed.

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