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Client personal trainer dating

''It's a very personal thing,'' said Colleen O'Brien, a personal trainer and martial arts expert who has worked in New York for 13 years (though she has yet to use her kickboxing skills to ward off an overly enthusiastic client).

''When you show up, and you don't click, the relationship isn't going to work.'' That can go for both the trainers, who may find themselves the target of unwanted advances or the recipient of too much information about a client's love life, and for the trainees, who may find that a guiding hand is a little lower than it needs to be.

Sometimes the intensity and long hours breed genuine friendships, as they did for Jody Johannessen, a marketing professional who works out at La Palestra, an exclusive Manhattan gym, with two trainers, one of whom is Marissa O'Neil.

''Putting my health and improvement of my health in her hands, for me that was a huge thing,'' said Ms.

Clark, the president of the National Federation of Professional Trainers, an agency in Lafayette, Ind., that has 12,000 members.

(Idea Health and Fitness Association, an organization for fitness professionals, estimates that there are 75,000 personal trainers in the United States.) The Federation's guidelines state that ''complaints regarding lewd and immoral conduct, disrespectfulness, unprofessional behavior and conduct, inappropriate sexual advances, excessive profane language'' are all potential grounds for decertification. Then again, not all close relationships between trainers and clients are lopsided.

Thanks in part to the rapid growth of the industry -- including health club chains that offer individual training, classes and freelancers who make house calls -- the opportunities for personal trainers to get too personal are greater than in the past.

In 2003, 5.3 million Americans used a trainer, an increase of 32 percent over five years.

''Everyone was flying by the seat of their pants.'' Nowadays most reputable gyms require trainers to complete an in-house training course or get certification from an outside organization, which often have guidelines regarding professionalism.I’m breathless, sweaty and there’s a beast of a man with my head in his hands, telling me I’m beautiful. So why, when it comes to PTs, can’t we help ourselves? We also ask them questions about themselves, but that’s only because we need to find out about their lifestyles in order to train them better.” And it’s this attention to your details that can blur the lines, as 60% of you attested, saying it was their undivided attention that was the biggest draw for having a PT. But in the gym, the closest to flesh-on-flesh contact you’ll get is a hamstring stretch. “Of course, we praise our clients during hard tasks. You’re beautiful.” In the real world, that kind of intimacy is followed by loins locking with the force of a neodymium magnet. (A study in shows getting a compliment gives the same positive feeling as receiving cash.) So a man who’s nice to you and asks questions. But sure, it’s to keep them coming back, too.” PT of eight years Si Tate agrees. That’s when Oliver bent down, cupped my face and whispered: “He’s lucky to have you. “Dishing out compliments makes our clients feel good and more motivated to train.

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The rules and safeguards against improper conduct vary.

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