Credit card debt consolidating mortgage

Posted by / 05-Nov-2018 07:07

When done correctly, debt consolidation can: Making the decision to consolidate debt is the first step.Ignoring your debts will not make them go away; it will make your problems worse.

If you have a very good credit score (700 or above), the best way to consolidate credit card debt is to apply for a 0% interest balance transfer credit card.

The sooner you get help with your credit card debt and make a plan to repay, negotiate, or consolidate them, the sooner you’ll be living a life free of debt.

A debt management plan or debt settlement should be your top options for consolidating your credit card debt, but alternatives include obtaining a debt consolidation loan, borrowing from your retirement funds or the equity in your home, and consolidating your student loans.

The 0% interest is an introductory rate that usually lasts for 6–18 months.

All payments made during that time will go toward reducing your balance.

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