Dating for one year present

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Dating for one year present

at the end of the year we’ll have visual reminders of all the fun we had!My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year in a few weeks so what should I get him?So, I hinted a few times before Christmas that I had come up with the BEST gift for my husband. It was, absolutely, the most perfect present for Hubby. It’s a simple scrapbook but inside there is one 12×12 page for each month.And as Hubby thumbed through those pages, he found the potential for romance, intimacy, laughter, and — most importantly — time together.

The women that do care what you spend are not worth your time. I have jewellery passed down from my Mother dying worth from a drugstore and I cherish it as much as any Tiffany diamond necklace.Laughter and back-rubs -- the perfect stress relief for the busy holiday season.) important thing in our family … and gave ourselves a few hours each month to do nothing but laugh and love. In case you were wondering why 12 x 12 scrapbook pages?The goal is to take pictures on each date and then place them there…when you nervously anticipated holding each others hands for the first time.When you were (This was our one, semi-serious date.

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X amount of dollars is suitable for an anniversary.

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