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Therefore, if you before you engage in a relationship with a religious (especially Muslim!) girl, you should know the likely outcomes beforehand.He adds that many Indian families would not support interfaith relationships, and that this attitude is characteristic of many other cultural traditions as well.“A lot of parents feel that you’re going to dilute your culture if you date someone of a different culture,” he says.In contrast, Summer says she found that the strongest reactions came not from her family, but from her religious community.Many observant Christian students, for instance, say they do not believe in having sex before marriage.This view differs from the mainstream college culture in which sex is common in romantic relationships, says Chiduzie C.“A lot of Indian girls are vegetarian, and they speak the same language. With language comes a lot of cultural ties,” he says.THINK OF THE KIDSStudents say that their broadest and most constant concern about interfaith dating is the faith of their children.

What I aim to address here is not the “how” part, but the “what happens if you do” part.“[An interfaith relationship] might create more dialogue between you and God,” Skoda says.She says that such a relationship would inspire questions such as “How is it that I see this and my boyfriend or girlfriend can’t or doesn’t want to see it at all?Yet more than theological issues, students say that personal feelings influence them to reject the possibility of an interfaith relationship. Manning ’09 also said she could not picture herself in a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t share her faith. It doesn’t seem feasible to me that I would relate to someone on such a deep level if we didn’t have that common ground,” she says.“It would be impossible for me to consider spending my life with someone who did not agree with what I spiritually believed in,” says Sarah H. CULTURE, GENDER & (NO) SEXWhen it comes to interfaith relationships, religion often dictates broader differences in opinion beyond strict theology.

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“It’s more up in the air than it’s ever been for me,” she says.