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First proposal has been redesigned along to the conclusion of contract for gas-transmission from USSR to the West Europe in 1970.The towers became the seat of The Ministry of Fuel and Energy, and an object of telemetric control station was added at the lower plateau.

The top of this building is once more crowned with an extraordinary sculptural figure of the ventilation terminal.

The special steel frame structure with one middle and eight peripheral beamers made of cor-ten, with the ceiling height just 60 cm, employs Vierendel beam-steel girder for each two floors, what allows to achieve four vacant open space levels and levels with traditional disposition with supports as well.

The last building of the set, stands back to the blind firewall of Czech Radio at the west edge of the lot.

Some experts appreciate the outstanding design and architectural quality of buildings and the rare performance of experimental tendencies in urbanism; in contrary the other condemn the settlement as an inappropriate relict of past era, and a blemish of historical town.

The strong campaign against the demolition runs since the summer 2015.

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The news wasannounced by the on February 21, 2018 andat first included no mention of the iconic building or the designers that created it (the article has since been edited).

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