Dating your therapist online dating for people with disabilities

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Dating your therapist

I have added what I call Adaptive Aging for individuals wanting to consider a different path in their later years or adult children with older parents needing to make life decisions for their care –which includes dementia and Alzheimers.

As a team of therapists with diverse specialties, we are uniquely equipped to come alongside the whole family.

Addiction and Recovery Relationship Support – support for individuals and their families who are redefining family roles after treatment or with current AA attendance.

Sleep Health – a new 7 week program that helps you correct and re establish healthy sleep patterns and learn how to understand sleep cycles and conquer insomnia. Individual Psychological Testing - Psychoeducational testing for children, adolescents and adults. I'm so glad you are here, and exploring the prospect of healing and growth in your life.

To insure the highest quality counseling possible, Life Gate is not regulated by insurance networks.

Our primary goal is to meet the needs of our clients, not navigate the red tape of insurance.

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We’re real people who have stories and struggles of our own.