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I’m pushing aside internal pressure, social norms, and, most of all, my ego.

There, she discovered more than she ever expected: Independence.

“I didn’t feel comfortable while it was happening,” she recalls. Some women feel great; I felt alone and had to come to grips with that. It was necessary but not something to boast about.” Here, Dorfman shares excerpts with Each night, between the hours of seven and nine, Whitney calls to tell me what dosage of each medicine I’ll have to inject.

I’ve managed to successfully inject myself each time, even though it takes me about forty-five minutes to push hard enough to get the tiny needle in.

Everything was going great, until last night, when I had a total breakdown. It isn’t until two days later when I arrive in Chicago for the real thing that I start to actually grasp everything that is happening. But it also dawned on me that if I can do this part myself, then I can also do the rest of it.

I was standing naked in my kitchen, hunched over, trying to get the needle out of my stomach, when I started bawling. The needles still suck, as does having to get blood work done each day, but now that Whitney is doing all of that for me, I just close my eyes and count to ten and it’s done. What saddened me was the realization that I am doing this alone now, and there is a possibility that I will be doing it alone in the future. It wouldn’t be my choice to have a child alone, but I know that if I have to, I can.

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The series is a hilariously funny look at what people will do for success and fame in Hollywood, as well as just how tough those two things can be to achieve, and it features many of their ultra-funny friends and fellow Groundlings alums, including Melissa Mc Carthy and Ben Falcone, who also directed the pilot.

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