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The woman said fallout from the ordeal has taken a mammoth toll on her.'It's just really frustrating.At the time I was hounded by the media, and on social media everyone was commenting calling me a whore and this and that…if they can cover this up, they will.'This is no longer an issue of a player having an affair.This is now a much wider and more serious issue of the sexist rugby culture New Zealand has demonstrated.''It's clear that New Zealand has a serious problem with its rugby culture and misogynist attitude.'The All Blacks, New Zealand Rugby and Warren Alcock have been contacted by Daily Mail Australia for comment.The salacious Facebook messages obtained by Daily Mail Australia show Smith proposing their toilet liaison asking for a 'special toilets f***', saying the pair had to be 'sneaky' as his All Black teammates were nearby.The messages show that the halfback lied to his All Black bosses about what really happened between him and the woman, and that the player tried to get the woman to sign a false affidavit to go along with his fabricated version of events, a request she refused.Smith also asks the woman for a photo of herself, to which she replies 'but you have a [girlfriend]'.

After they meet, Smith says he 'owes' the woman while she says she hopes he doesn't get in trouble with 'skip' - All Blacks captain Kieran Read - for leaving the team hotel at night.

Ms Voykovich has stood by Smith throughout the scandal.'Obviously that's not what happened at all,' the woman said.'When we got caught he lied about what had happened and asked me to stick to the story he had told his new girlfriend and coach, which essentially put the blame on me.''He just told me if anyone asks to say nothing, but if I have to then to just go along with that story, which I wasn't happy about because it made me look like more easily attainable than what I am.'At that point I said if you're going to say that then just leave me out of it, which he promised he had done, but he hasn't.

No-one knows the truth.'In the messages, Smith asks the woman to give him a 'good luck f**k and suck', before she asks if he has a girlfriend, to which he replies 'no'.

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