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Stein's pivotal "decision" took place in the days leading up to live August 30 broadcast that featured the eviction of Amber Siyavus, whom Hughbanks had nominated for eviction (along with Zach Swerdzewski) during the week's initial nomination ceremony.However once Stein -- her close ally in the competition -- won the Po V, Hughbanks saw it as an opportunity to "backdoor" one of the Donatos."The rule was that Eric had to make every effort to do what America wanted.

With the season's first player voted out of the game, former runner-up Donato shouted to the remaining 16 on how to make it to finale night.However during a recent podcast interview with, Hughbanks said that once ended and Stein was allowed to reveal the season's "America's Player" twist to the rest of the houseguests, he told her the real reason why he didn't use the Po V."Eric explained he wasn't allowed to use the veto that week.They both seem to be under the radar just enough and with Poole's first Head of Household win Thursday, they could be safe for another week. He joked that him and Clay look "pretty much identical." Joking to Lloyd he added, "Shelli is a little blondie like you.There's a parody there." The former houseguests shared the spotlight with comedienne Kathy Griffin, who brought the summer's second "BB Takeover." Griffin joked that she and Chen were the second set of twins involved in the "Twin Twist" and the two shared a chest bump.

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The producers said that America wasn't given enough time to decide who he should use it on if he was going to, so they just flat out told him he is not allowed to use the veto at all -- nominations had to stay the same -- which is why Eric didn't use the veto," said Hughbanks during the interview.

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