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I have some very enjoyable memories of watching Daisy Duke on “The Dukes Of Hazzard” show when I was just a little girl.I was too young at the time to really comprehend my fascination with her but I did know one thing for sure.I think almost everyone would agree that the human brain is the most powerful sex organ in our bodies, period!

I think I may have a bit of Lewis and Clark in me and I even sometimes daydream about what it would have.....Wow, I’m getting so fucking wet just thinking about it! My sexy girlfriend Sammy and I decided to host our own naughty little Halloween party at my house this year.The event actually turned out to be more of an “orgy” than it was a “party” but that’s a story for another occasion.Yes, that means he loves jerking off to women in see-through panties.Who wouldn’t get off to a sexy little hottie wearing semi-transparent undies?

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