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What condition do more than 100 million Americans share -- maybe including you?

Always follow the instructions on the medicine bottle and don't use OTC painkillers for more than 10 days in a row unless a doctor is supervising. A pain specialist focuses on one thing: getting rid of your pain. There, you may get all sorts of treatment -- from medication to massage -- under one roof.

Ask your doctor for a referral -- or call local medical centers to see if they have a pain management clinic.

Antidepressants alter levels of chemicals in the brain that affect pain levels and your mood.What starts as occasional and bothersome can, over the years, become serious and debilitating.Walk more: It's one of the best prescriptions we have to help chronic pain. It may help release natural painkillers in the body or block pain signals from the nerves.It can serve as an alarm, a warning -- that you're stepping on a nail or touching a hot stove.But sometimes the signals keep firing, and the pain continues. Anybody with frequent or daily pain -- even mild -- should see a doctor.

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After a few minutes of deep breathing, you may feel some pain and tension melt away.

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