Geek speed dating youtube

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Geek speed dating youtube

There is a curious little quirk on You Tube that many users have noticed over the years.

The view count of some videos makes a not very brief stop off at 301 views.

Even video from top accounts that go on to rack up hundreds of thousands of views often stays stuck at 301 views for hours or more.

A You Tube video (with many more than 301 views) attempts to demystify this oddity with a little help from Google itself.

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This report allows users to quickly compare the relative quality of You Tube streaming throughout the day, between providers.

The speed test takes into account the relative amounts of HD, SD, and low-definition video (low-def is astonishingly rare) to produce three basic tiers of service: HD Verified lets users watch in 720p or below, at any time of day, at high speeds — in my area, there are only three such options.Google wants these companies to start branding themselves with the HD Verified logo — unlikely — and if successful could implement a sliding scale of quality.Once HD Verified has become basically required for serious users, all Google need do is introduce another classification (say, 4K Ready) to easily put pressure on companies to upgrade once again.The policy argument being made here essentially boils down to: ISPs need to fatten their pipes, because we at Google can only do so much.It’s a familiar refrain form a company that seems increasingly annoyed by the lack of vision and gung-ho enthusiasm they find in their partners.

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At that point, it goes to the more complicated (and legit) view count.

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