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But when you set race groups up against each other, like Malema so effortlessly does, you create conflict far quicker than you arrest it. At its worst, it is expressed as outright bigotry; at its best, rampant stereotyping. And always, it is to help define the imaginary enemy he and his party need to survive.

Malema has much of SA eating out his hands – his rhetoric has been reduced to gamesmanship, never taken at face value, and talked up as the charismatic charm of a miscreant. Should that happen, you can be sure headlines like those delivered by Times LIVE will be far less frequent. For those interested in the values of non-racialism, that is not a world you want to occupy.

Even in Kwa Zulu-Natal, its provincial leadership had nothing to say.

The DA Kwa Zulu-Natal’s homepage contains no response.

And so it went.” This is how much of the press reports on Malema.

“Juju at his fiery finest at EFF birthday bash,” read the relevant Times LIVE headline on the occasion.

Whatever your final interpretation, it is a racial slur. And don’t think Malema is vaguely consistent on the subject either.

It is, for him, the perfect weapon, especially in Kwa Zulu-Natal where the EFF is desperate to gain a meaningful foothold.

Every racial nationalist needs an enemy, nationally the EFF has white South Africans, in Kwa Zulu-Natal it now has Indians.

They are the ones who are owning strategic things here, in Kwa Zulu-Natal. “If we tell whites the truth, if we tell blacks the truth, we can as well tell Indians the truth.

We don’t have a problem, we are saying to them, ‘share, with our people’. They must treat our people properly, here in Kwa Zulu-Natal”.

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This is a party that goes into apoplectic spasms about racism inside the DA, imagined and otherwise. Co-operation seems to have bought the EFF bullying rights, and it can now abuse and taunt the DA’s constituency without repercussions. It does not see SA as a country, but as a civil war. It is no doubt captivating to watch Malema at his “fiery finest”, but if that is how you go about describing this sort of divisiveness as nothing more than entertainment, then you open the door to forces you will soon be unable to control.