Keep my computer updating

Posted by / 18-Jul-2018 23:40

Keep my computer updating

Fortunately, even this once-a-month annoyance is ending.

Starting with Windows 10, updates install much more regularly than on Patch Tuesday, and usually with much less trouble.

See How To Prevent Windows Updates From Crashing Your PC for help.

Testing all possible computers systems would be impossible. But that doesn't mean that the update had any sort of issue in and of itself.

Probably because it wasn't Microsoft's fault. Over one billion computers run Windows in the world.

You have plenty of options, including undoing the updates, running certain fix-it processes, and lots more. When a Windows update causes a problem, it's likely due to a software or driver issue, not the update itself.

Unfortunately, there are an infinite number of hardware and software configurations that could exist on a Windows computer. True, your computer suffered some ill effect due to the updating.

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