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We are shooting for 410 horsepower at least with the hot cam and headers and if our 100mm throttle body arrives in time that will help the power numbers out as well.Michael Boatwright (right) and Tom Honsaker (left) pose in our lead photo with their respective pride-and-joys. Horse Sense: The best reason to buy a cam from one of the leaders in the Mustang world-such as Steeda Autosports-is that innumerable cam combinations have come and gone. Chief among the contributory ideas was the one sent by Mike Boatwright, who just so happens to live in your author's city of residence, Cincinnati, Ohio.The most common thread is a lot of people have '94-'95 Mustangs, but the cam works very well for other years as well.Typically this cam works best for those wanting maximum power within the rpm constraints of the factory rev limiter.

As you read the captions and the bottom lines on these cars, please keep in mind that Paul's Automotive handled all installations, final tune-ups, and chassis dyno testing for this story. The lobe separation angle for this mild street cam is 115.As you can see in the picture, there is a significant size difference between the factory valve springs and the beefier upgraded ones!We simply screwed the fuseblock to the pallet to secure it while we test fired the engine.After finding out there was no power to the constant power fuse we discovered a loose wire connection.Some re-soldering and it tested with over 12 volts.

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Along with the cam upgrade we are also doing valve spring upgrades!

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