Locals lobby speed dating reviews

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Locals lobby speed dating reviews

Day 2: History of the Riverbanks The sun rises, accompanied by the revitalizing aromas of cilantro and chives.At breakfast, you sip a tea that has been slowly steeped with loose leaves, bringing an indulgently floral scent to your meal.Your private transfer meets you at the airport upon your arrival and escorts you to your lavish accommodation situated alongside the banks of the Chao Phraya River.In the evening, the city continues its energetic and jovial atmosphere.The jeweled qualities of the Emerald Buddha sparkle under the natural light.The waters of the Andaman Sea maintain a gemlike quality in their luminous color.The aromas of fragrant noodles and fresh produce provide an alluring introduction to the past and present traditions of Bangkok.

With a day at leisure in the jungle setting, you can follow the earthen paths that cut through the trees on an elephant trek or enjoy a massage in the eco-friendly spa.Your hand tailored tour embraces the luxuries of Thailand and acquaints you to the pleasures that emanate from the delicious cuisine, awe-inspiring wildlife, and historical culture.(Day 1): Bangkok – Settle in the Mixture of Historical and Modern Cultures of Bangkok (Day 2): Bangkok – Full Day Guided Tour of the Temples, Grand Palace, and Canals (Day 3): Bangkok – Half-Day Tour of Bangkok’s Old Town and Ethnic Traditions (Day 4): Chiang Saen – Travel North and Enjoy a Half-Day Cruise on the Mekong (Day 5): Chiang Saen – Half-Day Jungle Exploration and Luxurious Spa Treatment (Day 6): Koh Yao Noi – Transfer to the Stunning Island Paradise of Koh Yao Noi (Day 7): Koh Yao Noi – Indulge in the Pleasures of Your Resort at Your Leisure (Day 8): Koh Yao Noi – Relish another Day to Unwind in the Tropical Paradise (Day 9): Koh Yao Noi – Depart for Home The temples of Bangkok have a golden hue.The tropical beaches of southern Thailand offer a tranquil ambiance.The dense jungles of the north provide endless possibilities of discovery.

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