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Mandating work

Notwithstanding this paragraph, a worker may not be required to work beyond the limits prescribed in subsection 2 for more than 4 consecutive weeks.Notwithstanding subsection 2, a nurse may not be disciplined for refusing to work more than 12 consecutive hours.The employer must exhaust reasonable efforts to obtain other staffing before mandating overtime.These efforts include that your employer 1) seek persons who volunteer to work extra time from all available qualified staff who are working at the time of the unforeseeable emergent circumstance; 2) contact all qualified employees who have made themselves available to work extra time; 3) seek the use of per diem staff; or 4) seek personnel from a contracted temporary agency when such staff is permitted by law or regulation.An employee worked more than 12 consecutive hours shall be entitled to at least ten consecutive hours of off-duty time immediately after the worked overtime.After July 1, 2009, If you suspect a violation of the law has occurred, contact the Department of Labor at 1-800-932-0665.Voluntarily working beyond 16 hours in a 24 hour time period will be considered by the New York State Board for Nursing as a factor in determining the willful disregard of patient safety by nurses and will be subject to a potential charge of unprofessional conduct." New York State Labor Law §167 makes it unlawful for certain health care employers (i.e., hospital, nursing home or medical facility) to require nurses who provide patient care to work beyond their regularly scheduled work hours, except in the following circumstances: The New York State Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible for enforcing this law.More information concerning this law is available on DOL's web site.

In response, the New York State Board for Nursing took the following position on voluntary overtime: "Nurses, who voluntarily work beyond their normally scheduled hours in a situation that is not a declared emergency, must be able to demonstrate that they are competent to perform their professional responsibilities.This plan should take into account typical patterns of staff absenteeism due to: It must reflect the health care employer’s typical levels and types of patients served by the health care facility.The Plan must identify and describe alternative staffing methods available to the health care employer to ensure adequate staffing without mandatory overtime.A nurse may be disciplined for refusing mandatory overtime in the case of an unforeseen emergent circumstance when overtime is required as a last resort to ensure patient safety.Any nurse who is mandated to work more than 12 consecutive hours, as permitted by this section, must be allowed at least 10 consecutive hours of off-duty time immediately following the worked overtime.

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After years of efforts, Pennsylvania nurses have won this important protection for the sake of our patients and our profession.

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