Map dating

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Map dating

Its originality can be seen in the map's inscriptions, its precise orientation, and the use of colour.

In reviewing the literature of early geography and early conceptions of the earth, all sources lead to Homer, who is considered by many (Strabo, Kish, and Dilke) as the founding father of Geography.

Regardless of the doubts about Homer's existence, one thing is certain: he never was a mapmaker.

an idea which would be suggested by the appearance of the horizon as it is seen from a mountaintop or from a seacoast. He and his Greek contemporaries knew very little of the Earth beyond Egypt as far south as the Libyan desert, the south-west coast of Asia Minor, and the northern boundary of the Greek homeland.

Although the map has not survived, Hecataeus of Miletus (550–475 BC) produced another map fifty years later that he claimed was an improved version of the map of his illustrious predecessor.

600 BC), is a symbolic, not a literal representation.

The Fra Mauro map, one great medieval European map, was made around 1450 by the Venetian monk Fra Mauro.

It is a circular world map drawn on parchment and set in a wooden frame, about two meters in diameter Cartography, or mapmaking, has been an integral part of the human history for thousands of years.

Cuneiform inscriptions label the features on the map, including a plot of land described as 354 iku (12 hectares) that was owned by a person called Azala.

Most scholars date the tablet to the 25th to 24th century BC; Leo Bagrow dissents with a date of 7000 BC.

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What we may presume is that he portrayed land and sea in a map form.

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