Military retiree dating

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Military retiree dating

Military-friendly job market Because many military retirees exit their service career in their 30s or 40s, most plan to re-enter the civilian job market to build a second career.This can be both a strange and exciting new chapter...especially since the military job culture is so unique.Dating back to the early colonial days, the armed forces have found San Antonio to be strategic for training troops, research, specialty medical services, wound care, and far more.From the US Cavalry to Texas Rangers to drones, this city has been “home” to our military for generations.

Abundance of military and veteran resources One of the huge perks of military retirement in San Antonio is the widespread availability of military resources.

The military installations combine to form Joint Base San Antonio, which is made up of Fort Sam Houston, Randolph AFB, and Lackland AFB.

The full base employs over 80,000 people, making it one of the largest in the country. Air Force enlisted Basic Military Training, Active Duty Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard.

Both on and off-base, service support organizations and squadrons exist almost solely to assist military members, retirees, and their families transition to civilian life and/or take full advantage of military benefits. Just a few of these services are: USAA headquarters, Brooke Army Medical Clinic’s outstanding facility, Office of Military Affairs, the largest chapter of Air Force Association, and Association of USArmy, among others. Friendly environment & relaxed atmosphere As mentioned earlier, due to the massive size of Joint Base San Antonio, many military members and their families have been stationed at Randolph, Lackland, or Fort Sam at some point in their military career.

In fact, a recent study recently ranked San Antonio at the top of the list for best military retirees, even beating out Washington D. But if so many are making the decision to make San Antonio their permanent home, the draw has to be about more than just familiarity and convenience.

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