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It’s just okay.” • “I’m only 21, but so far I’d say I’m right in the most uncomfortable age for it.

Everyone around me is f—— like rabbits and/or popping out babies, and I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs.” via GIPHY • “I’m still holding onto it until marriage. It’s pretty cool to know that we’re both going to be able to have sex for the first time with each other.

imagine a hobby that other people have, where you just aren’t interested in it at all.

But the heart wants what the heart wants, and at some point in your life, you might find yourself with a partner who is significantly older or younger than you.

But with a little self awareness and a lot of communication, anything can be figured out.

have sex, even it’s something they desperately want.

I’ve never had a boyfriend, which shouldn’t make me feel like s—, but it does.” via GIPHY • “I was 29 when I finally did the deed. I’m female, and I was absolutely convinced that every heterosexual man found me unattractive. So I lost weight, but I didn’t know I’d have sagging skin as a result.

So I was still scared that men would find me unattractive.

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But your idea of a fun date night might be totally different from theirs.

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