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Oracle if updating then

Like a stored procedure, a trigger is a named PL/SQL unit that is stored in the database and can be invoked repeatedly.

Unlike a stored procedure, you can enable and disable a trigger, but you cannot explicitly invoke it.

Sounds pretty similar the problem outlined above, except that merge wants the new records to be in a staging table.

Luckily enough, we can fake a staging table using DUAL: create table employees ( employee_id integer not null, employee_name varchar2(100) not null); alter table employees add constraint employee_pk primary key (employee_id); create or replace procedure merge_employee( i_emp_id in integer, i_emp_name in varchar2 ) is begin merge into employees e using (select i_emp_id id, i_emp_name name from dual) s on (e.employee_id = when matched then update set employee_name = when not matched then insert (employee_id, employee_name) values (,; end; / With the merge statement, we now have a single more complex query instead of the 3 we started with, or the two of the refined approach.

This section contains: If an object on which a trigger depends is dropped, or changed such that there is a mismatch between the trigger and the object, then the trigger is invalidated.

The next time the trigger is invoked, it is recompiled.

Unlike a subprogram, a trigger cannot be invoked directly.

In this case, if it contain zero, it means the update failed to find any rows to update and therefore the record needs to be inserted instead. If the record exists in the master table, it should be updated with the new values in the staging table, otherwise insert the record from the staging table. UPDATE bank_transactions SET txn_number = 'NEWTXN8080' WHERE txn_id = 1; UPDATE bank_transactions SET txn_number = 'NEWTXN9595' WHERE txn_id = 2; -- output 1 rows updated. Dhaval Dadhaniya is a software engineer by profession and reader/writter by passion. CREATED_DATE); END; --Inserting values INSERT INTO BANK_TRANSACTIONS values ('1','TXN1234','Peter Thomas','12-MAY-2017','HR',sysdate); INSERT INTO BANK_TRANSACTIONS values ('2','TXN9999','Jemes Patel','10-JUN-2016','HR',sysdate); select * from BANK_TRANSACTIONS; --updating values.This tutorial shows how to use the SQL Developer Create Trigger tool to create a trigger named You might need to temporarily disable triggers if they reference objects that are unavailable, or if you must upload a large amount of data without the delay that triggers cause (as in a recovery operation).After the referenced objects become available, or you have finished uploading the data, you can re-enable the triggers.

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A frequent occurrence when writing database procedures is to handle a scenario where given a set of fields, for example a new employee record, update the existing employee record if it exists otherwise create it.