Picture sharing chat rooms

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Picture sharing chat rooms

Imagine enjoying 11 hours flying from Los Angeles to London with your favorite movies and music on a single charge.

Imagine 11 hours of wireless freedom and productivity all-day and night- from the bus ride to school, to the time your Eee PC tucks you in at night.

ASUS offers the Eee PC 1001P a 30-day flawless display guarantee. The eye-catching Eee PC 1001P-P is specially designed to be ultra compact so you can use it in the smallest areas with ease.

If you discover one defective bright dot within 30 days of purchase, ASUS will replace the panel at no cost. Its portable size makes it perfect during long airplane trips, classroom desks, or boardroom meetings.

Miles ahead of its competition, the Eee PC 1001P-P provides unsurpassed battery life and superior portability that liberates you from wall chargers and brings you into the next generation of mobility.

With strict safety measures, chat room moderators and clear processes, Eye Toy: Chat is one of the safest communication packages available.

Password and address book data is stored on the PS2 memory card, allowing effective free-roam Eye Toy Chat is a product with no age restriction, but with full parental control and optional security features.

Eye Toy: Chat opens up a whole new world of communication right in your living with your Playstation 2.

Utilize the Network Adaptor for Playstation 2, Eyetoy USB camera and a Playstation 2 and turn it all into a videophone.

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The house I live in was built by my dad and mom back in the early seventies. I grew up and got married shortly after my mom passed away. My family moved in and shortly after that my wife brought home Checkers. The owner of the company told the workers that either they take one home, they will be destroyed. Thanks to the exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) and the new power sipping Intel Atom N450 processor, you can take this mobile phenom wherever you choose and enjoy up to an incredible 11 hours of unplugged freedom.* The Eee PC 1001P-P is encased in a latticework (checker-patterned) shell that captivates onlookers and features the next generation Intel Atom N450 processor for extraordinary battery life.

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