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A decade can make a big difference in the way a person sees life and creates expectations out of it. Growing old together Can you cope with the difference as both of you grow older?

Would you be frustrated because of the different energy levels?

Does it bother you that the ignorant staff in the supermarket thought you’re a parent and child, and not a romantic couple?It’s selfish and can change a teenager’s life forever.Difference in age and compatibility in relationships For a teenager, it may be an obvious answer.Almost always, someone who’s in their late twenties may want to date you only to take advantage of your naivety and innocence.A word to the older men and women who want to date young teens, don’t rob someone else of their youth for your happiness even if they’re an easy catch.

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We build our entire life with plans and checklists. But almost all the time, we realize too late that love is blind. But with the unpredictability of love comes the uncertainty of confusing emotions.

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