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Ps1 dating rpg

The dating aspect also has an actual in-game effect.

By successfully wooing each female, her intimacy level can be slowly raised.

The key feature in this game which distinguishes it from most other RPGs is its built-in mini-dating simulation.

Thousand Arms' dating sim features dating locations in many of its major cities and towns, and a cast of nine women.

His most notable feature is his pink kimono (a garment not usually worn by males).

Meis Triumph The 16-year-old heir to a family of Spirit Blacksmiths, Meis learned from his father how to be a womanizer.

You have save the world from a fallen angel, but the problem is you can’t actually interact with people.

Instead you send out heroes called Braves and Fairies (that wear penguin costumes?

In addition to his ability to reforge weapons to increase their power and grant them magical spells or special attacks, Meis can obtain "Elemental Beasts" to use in combat, similar to the "summons" seen in the Final Fantasy games. The younger sister of a great Spirit Blacksmith named Jyabil, Sodina is a beautiful, 15-year-old red-haired girl; however, she's also very brave.

After her brother is killed by the Dark Acolytes, she decides to help Meis on his quest. His weapon of choice is a claymore, a huge sword that normal people would have a difficult time wielding.

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As this level rises, it grants her the ability to imbue weapons with increasingly powerful spells and skills.

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