Psychosis and spirituality consolidating the new paradigm

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Psychosis and spirituality consolidating the new paradigm

These are nonfiction academic essays with the exception of Peter Chadwick's memoir of his personal breakdown/mystical experience that was triggered by the stress of social ostracism for his gender nonconformity and led to a suicide attempt.

He now accepts this brief period in his life (it occurred two decades before the publication of this book) as an important mental transition to which he attributes some powerful, permanent changes in the way his brain works. It places spirituality and psychosis on a continum and shows how, what may be socially accepted in some circumstances, would be seen as illness in others.

Easy to read, not requiring any special background in psychology or medicine.

The contributing authors give different perspectives on this theme.

We welcome experiencers of diverse backgrounds and beliefs and address a wide variety of STEs.

ACISTE is both a community of experiencers and a non-profit corporation.

This book challenges conventional understandings with a radical new perspective.

The interface between psychosis and spirituality is explored, dra Spirituality and psychosis both inhabit the region where ordinary reason ceases to function and barrier break down.

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It really underscores the need for the medical community to be versed in various faith practices, at least the basics, to help distinguish religious belief and practise from illness.

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