Quicken closes when updating

Posted by / 07-Nov-2018 08:37

Quicken closes when updating

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I recently updated to Windows 10, then found that Quicken 2015 opens and immediately closes. Oddly enough, I also updated my laptop-did NOT install the mondo patch, and it will run Quicken, but I need it in my office computer.

It wasn't asking me for a PW when doing One Step Update, then I Closed and reopened, crashes every time again.

Like I have to "refresh" the Username and PW again. I'm having to move from Quicken to other sites/software to get things done.

Could that be related, are there two problems, is one question for when I contact Support if no suggestions by others here.

It's good to see everyone teaming up to keep things going :). Is a unique Intuit account required for each data file a User has? None of the "Quicken 2016 crashes after running accounts one step update" fixes I've read in the forums and applied have worked so far why is it crashing?

I was going to go straight to Support but thought I'd write a few quick words.

Express Web Connect is "not recommended" might force flushing of the information on the server more than should be.

I installed the Mondo patch on my PC, and sure enough, the transactions that loaded only went through 2012-ONCE-then I'm back to the program opening and closing immediately but I cannot use it.

Quicken 2015 has been consistently crashing ever since release 6 or 7.

BTW I did try a new data file and it did crash, which maybe like you, it's telling me it isn't data file related. I tried all new User, and data file, and Intuit let me use the same email for another User and PW account, the new data file worked once, I make one back-up copy, then with changing nothing else it started crashing again.....

I then tried creating a new account again, Intuit wouldn't let me use the same email address, then I decided to try my first data file.

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