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Shoes carbon dating

Two pairs were originally worn by children and were only about 7 inches (18 centimeters) long.Using palm fiber string, the child shoes were tied together within the single shoe (it was larger and meant for an adult) and put in the jar.I was mostly able to remedy this with the ‘high’ wedge, however the real fix was a pair of Surefoot insoles with a rigid plastic arch support borrowed from another set of shoes.

In fact, the ‘suction’ is so good I rode with the BOA dials popped completely open quite a few times throughout my test period and had no issues with my foot coming out of the shoe.When compared to the top-end S-Phyre, the biggest difference in the fit comes as a result of the upper.When worn side by side, the toe box on the RP9 feels a bit roomier and the forefoot is a bit less sculpted, both in the upper and the arch support provided by the sole.The shoes provide some support but not locked in and rigid like a race shoe, allowing the shoe to move more freely with your joints rather than your joints moving around the shoe.With a full carbon sole rated 10/12 on Shimano’s stiffness scale, I wasn’t able to make the sole flex, however the amount of high-frequency vibration transferred through the shoe was muted.

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Being more used to an ultra-stiff race shoe the power transfer is good, however I did find the lateral support to be lacking.

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