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Either sign in or follow the instructions on the page to perform the update.After you're signed in with the proper privileges, you'll see this screen. These dropdown lists contain database updates specified by modules you have installed.You can use either of the following methods to update your module: manually updating the files or Drush.To replace the module's code with the new version, download a copy of the new module from the project page, or use the link projected by the Update module from your site's update status report.For all developers willing to contribute to this project, we have a library and more developer resources available.Please implement this library for new plugins only, we don't want to lock out users of existing plugins.

If you are running multiple sites, you must run Performing updates requires admin privileges.Be sure to read and understand all module specific requirements before proceeding with the updates.Your website's database contains all of its content, as well as all of its settings and configuration.Word Press has PHP 5.2.4 as the minimum required version.This is a version that has been unsupported since early 2011.

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Delete the entire outdated module's directory and upload the new one as if you were installing the module for the first time.