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Sprung the dating ds

The entire design of is what most other adventure games would consider a side-quest or a mini-game to a much more elaborate production.

It's a bunch of menus that are masquerading in a production that seems to promise more than it can ever dream on delivering.

Some decisions will actually stop the mission with a screeching halt to a "game over" screen, while some branches actually reward players with what's known as a "Golden Line." These "golden lines" can be accumulated which will open up additional missions not in the normal level tree.

At the very least, the writers push the limits of the Teen rating with uncensored "a--hole" namecalling and the hint at homosexual and bisexual encounters in several of the games dating "missions." And the dual-screen interface comes in handy to gauge the two people's moods before and after each response -- the game's animation is actually incredibly well done, almost feature film quality as each person moves from his or her happy, sad, horny, embarassed..if these sequences are canned and recycled over and over throughout the storyline.

No lines are spoken, though, and with so much noiseless yammering back and forth these characters do, the game unfortunately feels like an interactive silent movie more than it does an adventure design.

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Sprung has you meeting, flirting and hooking up as you engage in a risque, daring adventure with sexy singles at Snowbird Mountain, a hip ski resort in Colorado.

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