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Trina dating now

Trina Braxton filed divorce papers on hubby Gabe Solis this April and word on the street is she’s wasted no time getting back down to the nitty gritty with a new man.According to the June 25th print edition of the National Enquirer, that man is none other than Cee Lo Green!!!“She’s finally putting her feelings first,” continued the source.Trina and music producer Cee Lo, 37, who stars on NBC’s hit talent competition “The Voice,” had crossed paths several times in teh past.He can be a bit selfish at times, as seen in the episode Survival of the Hottest, when those who are trapped in the car are sharing the water.Though everyone else is taking their fair share (but Trina), Robbie gulps the whole drink, angering the others and making him feel terrible.He also showed some bad judgement in Robarazzi, when he chose to embarrass his friends in order to gain popularity.However, Robbie is a very good friend and is often willing to help out, such as when he took a beating from Trina in order to get her a spot back at school in Helen Back Again and when he trained Tori for her Tech Exam in Jade Gets Crushed. In the episode Tori the Zombie, he keeps asking others about his performance.

Robbie cares deeply for Rex and believes that he is a separate person, his best friend.He is lactose intolerant (which he may have gotten over) and can play the harmonica (The Diddly-Bops) and the guitar (at the same time) (according to his video profile). Robbie is shown to be something of a tech whiz, in one episode helping Mamaw with her new computer, and in another helping Tori with her Tech Theatre exam because he had held the school's record for highest score (until Tori replaced him soon after).He customized his locker with a mosaic made from his old baby bottle nipples, since it reminds him of "happier times." He may have an identity crisis, for example in Wi-Fi in the Sky, where he created a fake account "Lil Stephenie21", and when asked why that name he says "Lil Stephenie 1-20 was already taken". He is also Jewish, as noted multiple times in the series.Robert "Robbie" Shapiro is one of the seven main characters on Victorious.He's a shy, awkward, and weird student, but he's also a good friend, loyal, honest, and smart.

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April got the internet talking after posting pics of herself in what appeared to be Robin‘s home, the one he used to share with ex-wife Paula Patton. Also pictured: Robin and April out and about two weeks ago in Beverly Hills, Calif.