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As a studio within the Info Space group, IOMO games were published under the Info Space brand.

The peak of IOMO's success came in 2004 when in addition to winning the Develop Industry Excellence award for the second year running, IOMO were developers of half the games in the Top 10 charts for two different UK operators.

January 2004 the Vodafone Top 10 games charts included five titles developed by IOMO; Tomb Raider: The Quest for Cinnabar, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, Pub Pool, Tomb Raider: The Osiris Codex and Monopoly.

In March 2004 IOMO partnered with Kayak Interactive to demonstrate the first live multiplayer pool tournament between Java ME and BREW handsets on at the GDC Mobile day of the 2004 Game Developers Conference.

For now, it is just me who admits to experimenting with this form of dating. On one occasion though, I did ask her for advice, so I cannot blame her and her friends for admitting to knowing a little bit about it. Brianna suggested sending a sexy text to my date and without blinking an eye I sent it. You should always check the number twice before hitting send, or think fast on your feet.

I could tell by the look on her face that this was a horrible mistake. “I didn’t realize that you felt that way, perhaps we could have dinner? I came back with, “I needed your approval on something. ” A potential sexual harassment suit saved by a joke.

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Baby Boomers like myself are not that open about their private lives and don’t always feel comfortable using social media.