Updating an old house annuchka dating agency

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Updating an old house

Q: When I take a shower, I pull up on the little knob on the bathtub spout to make the water go to the showerhead. A: Plumbing & Heating Expert Richard Trethewey replies: Sure; you just need a new spout and knob, called a diverter.

But nearly half the water still comes out the spout, and the shower spray is pretty weak. Replacing a spout isn't difficult, and you don't even have to turn off the main water supply.

It’s pretty visible too, right at the top of the stairs, there has just been a pile of boxes and wood on the subfloor.

The washcloth will catch the screw before it dives down the drain.

Now twist the spout as you pull it straight out and off the copper supply pipe.

What we are calling the Japanese room is a typical multipurpose space that would be found in a small house or apartment in Japan, known as a .

Tatami are thick mats woven from a special grass straw and filled with another kind of grass stuffing (although many these days have some kind of artifical foam instead), often edged with fabric.

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Can anything be done to stop the spout from leaking? The first step is to figure out how the spout is attached.

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