Updating dataset to database

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thanks there doesnt seem to be any difference between a record that does have a lot of information and one without it. Keyfield Names property is defined and the Client Data Set contains a lot of fields, it's impossible to navigate through data correctly.one of the fields in the cds is the "massive" one and it can either have or not have information inside it.i tried both kind of records and both seems to take time to "update" themselves. or is there a way to make sure that the info is updated with as less collateral work as possible? This behavior can be reproduced in your previous example: if you add some field for key values and define the . Keyfield Names property then you can notice that it is impossible to focus records. Check Details Browse Mode article that describes the problem with the Data Set. Hope, these articles will be helpful in determining the cause of these delays. hiplease see attached (exe sources) notice that when clicking on a "string" field (not editable) it moves fast when clicking on the checkbox field, most of the time it takes 1-2 seconds for the selected record to update itself if clicking on a checkbox of the current selected record then the change of value happens quickly but not when doing it for a non-selected record. By default, the Express Data Controller uses the default data loading mode.

i might be slow but please explain me the last thing about Smart Refresh.thank you for your reply this explanation was clearer, so if the massive field is a TMemo then what is the length of empty symbols that the grid loads?when it does have a content, the massive field can have a 2KB of text and can have a 7MB of main problems with gridmode (that might make things faster) is that all the automatic operations are not automatic anymore, and that was the beauty of the grid in the first place, that i, the user, doesnt need to take care of that. This is used by Save-Data Set Changes.ps1 to construct a Sql Command Builder object; which is then used to create the update/insert/delete command objects and update the SQL Server using a Sql Data Adapter. Core\File System:: C:\demo Mode Last Write Time Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- -a--- 2/25/2007 PM 5567 productmodel-10-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 2142 productmodel-43-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 1967 productmodel-44-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 4051 productmodel-47-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 4078 productmodel-48-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 1927 productmodel-53-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 1565 productmodel-66-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 1572 productmodel-67-a--- 2/25/2007 PM 5340 productmodel-7Get-Data Set.ps1 stores the sql command and connection string used to create the dataset as extended properties on the dataset.

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in my grid i have a field which can contain a large volume of information, the info may be there or not (depending on a certain action of the user) so if i understood your explanation, i should see a better speed when checking/unchecking a checkbox of a record without this info, comparing to a record that does contain this info?