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When looking at the JCE page on Oracle's Java site ( it doesnt appear that the JCE files are In fact, it appears to still be the same JCE files I installed back in October. also - When you patch the Java JDK on your JSS servers, do you just run the updates from the Java control panel (Win) & Pref Pane (Mac)- or do you actually download and install the full JDK installer [email protected] I apologize for the late response, I just saw this update. What happens for us is whenever we update Java, it overwrites the JCE files. I noticed the same behavior - Java overwrites the exisiting JCE files.The binaries and other metadata and utility scripts in the Oracle home and Domain home, such as RCU or Configuration Wizard, use a JDK version that was used while installing the software and continue to refer to the same version of the JDK.The JDK path is stored in a variable called JAVA_HOME which is centrally located in .global Env.properties file inside the , and when you invoke them, they refer to the JAVA_HOME variable located in .global Env.properties file.We usually update Java when there's a JSS update available.As for the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE), they HAVE to match the version of Java installed or else the JSS will fail to start.In this post, we discuss how to upgrade the latest minor version of JDK(Java Development Kit) of the Cold Fusion server.Cold Fusion can run only on top of JDK or JRE with Server VM.

When the JDK is updated on the JSS, do the corresponding JCE crypto files need to be updated, too?We're currently on 8u66, we'll probably update to 72 by late February.I wasn't sure if the JCE files are in lock-step with the Java JDK releases or not.We always try to uninstall the previous version of Java after before upgrading Java. Im logged into the 9.81 JSS admin web interface now and clients are getting Policies/Profiles [email protected] I assume that if "Use default" is checked in C:\Program Files\JSS\Tomcat\bin\tomcat7w.ex, then Tomcat will uses the Microsoft Windows Java default? I havent ever changed any settings in the Tomcat admin app.

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