Updating movable type

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Updating movable type

This is a personal website and doesn't have anything to do with Six Apart nevertheless Chris Alden, the former Six Apart CEO, appreciated my idea when he saw it available online. This version includes a security patch which affects movable type v6.2 and movable type v6.2.2.The issue is involving XSS on the new upload dialog.To export your Movable Type blog, access the Tools menu within your Movable Type account and click the Export button in the drop-down menu.Clicking this link will take you to the Export page where you can choose your blog and click the Export Blog link to generate and download an export file of your content.The import will transfer all entries (only up to 20 for Trial accounts) from your previous blog site.If you choose to proceed with Steps 4 and 5, your media assets will be transferred to Amazon S3 storage.If you wish to proceed with the URL redirection, you will need to go into your profile within your Movable Type installation and copy your web services password.To do this, click on your name in the upper-right corner of Movable Type and then scroll to the bottom of your Profile page to the Preferences section and click on the Reveal link to display your web services password.

If you do not know the email address, or do not have access, you can change it in the database.to [email protected] Alternatively, you may like to have me work on any movable type or web development project you might have.That could spread from slicing an interface design in XHTML/CSS, movable type installations, movable type upgrades, consultancy, plugin development etc. Also, ensure you have created accounts for those authors before you import your journal -- author names should match the Display Names of the authors in your Squarespace account.On the next screen you can choose to provide additional information to enable URL redirection.

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Your previous URLs will also be automatically redirected to the new URL locations for those entries on your Squarespace blog so your visitors using established links to your content don't see a "page not found" message when accessing one of your older entries via direct link.

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