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While Laurel distracts herself by trying to save Starling City and Felicity struggles with her grief over Oliver's departure, the April 29 episode will "really [upend] Diggle's world, certainly vis-a-vis Oliver," Guggenheim said.

Oliver will reconnect with his dark side: Team Arrow won't take Oliver's decision to join the League of Assassins lightly, but his choice will become even harder to bear in the April 29 episode.Everyone still gets on great and everything at school is better then ever, for now at least. Living in a very small village in the middle of a very big forest can be pretty interesting, especially if my average and confined life expanded to include moving to a bigger town, meeting new faces, and learning secrets I never would have believed if it wasn't for the fact that I was a part of it. It wasn't easy to admit they liked each other, Jade had been horrible to Tori for so long that when the girl started being nice Tori had thought it was a trick but it turned out Jade had just been too afraid to admit the truth.Tori whose parents had always let her and her sister know they didn't care about their sexual preferences had an easier time letting Jade know that she was in to her even after all the hell she'd put her through.

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The emotional episode "is a villain-of-the-week episode.

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