Who is chris brown currently dating 2016

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"If he goes to trial, he might try to turn it into a 'frame-up' case."In any case, he believes the case against Brown does not compare with the case in which he pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna."Factually, this is not nearly as serious — he really hurt her," Mc Bride says.If Brown were convicted, a judge could take into account his criminal history, Slaten says.Mc Bride believes Geragos will try to get the case dismissed or diminished in the plea-bargain stage: "Mark is a very good negotiator," he says.She says Brown pulled out a gun and pointed it at her, telling her to leave.

"The allegations against him are demonstrably false," the Twitter-active attorney wrote early Wednesday.

Chris Brown is out of jail, after posting 0,000 bail, he's posting new music, but he's given up posting ranting videos.

So what happens now that one of the music world's bad boys — he's already a convicted felon — is facing a new felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon?

But police did not charge him with illegal possession."In California, it's even illegal (for felons) to go to a gun range and rent a gun," Slaten says."There must be some weakness in the police case, like, (Brown) didn’t know the gun was there," Mc Bride says.

(State law does permit felons to be in the presence of others in possession of guns.)If prosecutors decide to proceed with a case against Brown, there would be discussions between the lawyers about a possible plea bargain, and failing that, the case would proceed to preliminary hearings and eventually a trial.

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"He's acting like typical 27-year-old with more money than God."Slaten says Brown could get up to 14 years in state prison (Mc Bride estimates it might be closer to nine) if he's convicted of felony assault with a deadly weapon.