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She is best known for her strategic prowess, orchestrating a cross-tribe alliance, and being well liked for her bubbly personality.

Ultimately, Stephen Fishbach who was one of her closest allies was scared that she would bring her other close ally JT Thomas to the end if she wins the Final Immunity Challenge, so he convinced JT to blindside her at the final 4.

Jalapao won the next Reward Challenge and won a trip to the Charmin Cafe. Taj had a terrible time at the Immunity Challenge, which Jalapao lost. Jalapao barely lost the following Reward Challenge.

Brendan chose Stephen to come with him to Exile Island rather than Taj. Taj was frustrated with the loss and snapped at Joe. Taj hoped that she was not exiled again because both Idols were found. Stephen explained that Taj was going to tell him about, which solidify the alliance between the three. and Stephen considered the possibility of blindsiding Taj because Stephen technically had the Idol.

Everyone was concerned about Joe's leg, which was severely infected.

Joe said it was getting better but Taj believed otherwise. Brendan made no attempt to signal Taj, which made her questioned his loyalty to the exile alliance.

Taj told Carolina that she gets panicky and whiny, which causes tension in the camp. More Impressed by Sandy's strength, Carolina was unanimously vote out. He succeeded finding protein from termites and grubs. They were in awe that they were playing with Eddie George's wife, but felt that Taj needed the money less.

Taj decided to make a fake Idol using the real one as a guide. Taj stated it was bittersweet sending Sydney home, but glad she was in the game.A Grammy-nominee for her soul group SWV ("Sisters With Voices"), Taj says "her group was the one to beat." Selling over six million records, her time as a singer has prepared her for the spotlight.In addition to her music career, Taj is also an accomplished writer.Her husband was impressed with Taj's survival skills. Stephen won immunity and Debbie was voted out in a 4-1-1 vote. Taj and Erinn talked about Coach and his exaggerated mannerisms. Taj even felt that Coach should be in a mental institution for calling himself the "Dragon Slayer." J. he's JUST FRIENDS with pro golfer Rachel Connor ...

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Sitting next to her was the 38-year-old George, the former Heisman Trophy-winning running back out of Ohio State University who went on to a successful professional career with the Tennessee Titans franchise.

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