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And what is family if not the backbone of our society?

Certainly, the political soirees of the Gibo-Edu pair will bring the likes of Luis Manzano (Edu’s son), maybe Angel Locsin (if Luis can keep her long enough), and Pinky Webb, whom Edu Manzano is currently dating. Now – that also says something about your vice presidential candidate. If he is, then maybe he might win my vote after all.He won that election to become the vice mayor, but lost at the next election when he ran for Makati City Mayor.Since then, he has been sidelined in the political scene, and his small stint as a law enforcer for pirated CDs and DVDs (chairman of the OMB) doesn’t really say much for his capabilities to execute the law.It seems like his decision to run for President is on a whim, probably fueled by his recent rise to political stardom over his overwhelming national publicity upon coordinating relief and rescue operations during Ondoy and Pepeng and other storms to follow.Seriously, you’d think that someone who was prepared to run for President should’ve had a running mate to begin with.

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In a previous post in the Philippines Funwall, I had some unkind words to say about Gilbert Teodoro and the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) earlier in October at the height of the disasters brought by the storms that ravaged the Philippines.

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