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Wot not updating

The first major update of 2017 is here for World of Tanks Console. , Mines, and Province A new version of the full sized minimap with added info: 1) Auto-Detect Range 2) Detectibility Range: Overall range, does not factor in bushes or other directional cover.This one brings balance updates, HD models, map variants, and enhanced tank physics (that everyone and their mother who plays console has been freaking out about. 3) Gun Direction Line 4) View Range Cone: Adjust to normal and sniper view as well as Binocular Telescopes Pressing LT/L2 in the garage will remove the garage HUD, allowing unobstructed views of the vehicles.I appreciate your efforts and timely updates Phalynx. I am still missing about 15k of my 37k battles and I am still getting the parse json- "object not set to an instance of an object" error when I attach my dossier.I m selecting the most recent dossier file on my computer. Hi Phalynx, I was curious if you had plans to update wot statistics to accommodate the new M41 90? It is a more accurate assessment of player skill, as it focuses on two values which are hard to boost together - damage dealt, and win rate (CW/TC can boost win rate but will lower damage dealt).A player generally cannot improve these two values without directly helping his team, thus there is no way to selfishly inflate the performance rating values.

wot-stat reinstalled and now nothing is true in my statistics.

When I go to the recent battles page, The error I copied below is displayed. This broke for me with the latest Wo T update to 9.18 / I have deleted the file in the application directory to pick up any patches but still not working for me.

Any idea how to get Wot Numbers to resize to something other than what looks like VGA?

This vehicle is currently "unknown" and does not report any WN8 value. Thanks, Slartybartfest Error: Cannot parse json file.

- Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Many battles dropped, M41 90 wasn't correct, but this morning it isn't showing at all. if I look at my tank list the WN8 values are stable and won't change after refreshing the page.

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If you can not find an solution to these problems, we HIGHLY recommend you contact Sony support. Sony has stated that only 0.4% of PS4 devices are expected to ship with these issues.

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