Wow intimidating shout glyph

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Wow intimidating shout glyph

Both sides are equally as bad/stupid and there’s annoying and respectable guilds on both.

Generally speaking there are more donors on ally than horde, but it really depends on what time you’re playing at.

This guide will not include basic information on abilities, as anyone that has reached level cap should have learned those already (if you have an instant level 85 character, you should consult a basic guide first).

However, I will attempt to point out some useful Pv P tips, that new players might not even consider or know about.

You should save your Heroic Fury and Intercept for when your target is close to death, then Intercept the healer With the buggy Heroic Leap path finding as it is now, this trick can be life-saving; if you are falling (= fall 1.5x your normal jump height) the ability ignores completely all pathing and lets you jump. Choosing between mastery and strength is equivalent to choosing between more overall damage or more burst damage. Over a long fight it averages out to be a flat damage increase, but it is not as good as strength in that regard.Depending on the length of fight and the type of opponent, one will be better than the other. Sacrificing other stats for crit will essentially make your damage less predictable and more spiky.Some go after expertise, some have as little as possible. It reduces the amount of damage you take from players.Again priorities and the amount of Resilience appear to vary widely.

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It is really only advised if you can pick up some Pv E one handers of sufficient ilvl.] You need to achieve this one's soft cap (5%) or get as close to it as soon as possible.

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